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Hye uols .. Pernah di interview before ? This is your very 1st time ? Dont know what to do ? Here got some tips that you can use during interview session .. =)
Based on my experience la kan , 1st thing 1st interviewer tu akan suruh uols "introduce your self " dh dia speaking , takkan uols nak cakap malay plak kan . Impress him / her dengan jawapan in ENGLISH . Let say uols x berapa fasih berbahasa , cakap la kat dia "pls allow me to introduce my self in malay" agak2 kalau mcm nie uols mampu tak nk kata ?? Simple ja . Actually iols nie pon bukanlah terer mana pon speaking nya . Apa iols buat before nak pi temuduga ??? Iols gugel tips untuk interview , iols karang balik , then hafal . Sampai lancar . Hehehe . Bila masa hari ditemuduga tu , 1 of them asked me "liyana , u hafalkah ?" Gilaa iols nak jawab iols hafal , of course la kata NO . Hehehe . Jatuh la saham . He said "hmm , impressive" Nampak tuu ? Iols nie bukan la nak mngajar uols bohong during interview , just jgn lah jujur sangat okay . Yang mna uols rasa perlu kelentong sikit tu just go on laa .. Kekeke =P
Okay back to our topic ... kadang2 kita akan ditanya ,,
why do you want to work in this company ?

dont u ever cakap ...
bcuz i like to work at here . i like this job . i love this industry .
Nampak beno bohong nya . Tu 1st time uols pi company tu , environment company tu pon uols blom tahu , nie dah cakap uols like this job . Silly mistake taw .
Uols suppose to answer them ..
I've always love administration (depend on bidang keja dipohon) bcuz i am an organized person . 
I like things to be organised and systematic. i work well under pressure so i can handle any kind of task with minimal supervision .

Haa tu antara CONTOH jawapan yg perlu uols jawab . CONTOH okay . Nak pi temuduga nnti pandai2 la uols edit2 yg suit to ur self okay .. 
Some of interviewer nie , dia nak kenalkan diri kita . Dia masuk2 dia akan kelebek uols punya sijil segala  bagai tuu , then dia akan cakap , "okay , introduce your self "
Haa , dh da tnya lagu nak jawab lagu mana ??
lagu nie nahh .. 
good morning , my name is NURLIYANA ISHAK , i'm 25 years old . I have a degree in Bussiness Administration . (for fresh graduate yg xda experience keja lagi). Although , i havent had any working experience I've spent my leisure time reading busssiness article and researching about the latest bussiness news just to keep me updated .

while yg penah keja ada experience dah , jawab la lagu nie ..
good morning , my name is NURLIYANA ISHAK , i'm 25 years old . I have a degree in Bussiness Administration and also 3 years experience worked in ABC company . The only reason why i quit  my last job is bcuz i would like to look for a better opportunity as i deserve it . (depend la uols nak jawab mcm mana pon , but 1 thing iols nak pesan , jangan sesekali uols burukkan ur previous boss / company )

Masa iols dlu , interviewer nie tnya iols . Apa iols punya expectation dlm company nie .. iols x bley jawab , sbb iols x prepare lgsg ntuk soalan nie . So , kalo uols dtanya soalan yg berbaur mcm nie , nie jawab dia ..
i hope to become a very well experienced in what i do and have better understanding of my field .

Hujung2 interview , interviewer nie suka beno tnya "what salary are you looking for ?"
Haa nak jawab apa ? 1k ? 2k? 3-5?? Hahaha .. 
i hope to get a salary that is suitable with my qualification and job duties. I also want to considered based on my working experience. (nie untuk yg dah pernah ada experience, yg xdak tu jawab takat job duties dh la hee )

kadang2 interviewer nie banyak soal .. kalo  dia tanya uols cm nie "why should i / we hire u ?"
habaq kat depa lagu nie ...
i am a team player , i work well under pressure and i am a people person . i can work with all kinds of people and i always willing to learn new things and tackle new challenges ..

In shaa allah , dgn tips2 nie uols akn berjaya tackle & impress interviewer uols tuu all the best !!! ^_^



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