Why You Should Invest in Properties ?

28 October 2018

Why You Should Invest in Properties ?

Property investment may seems to require patience and analytical when making decisions. But, as time goes by the property value may gain with a surprising value. There is a saying that even when you sleep, you can sleep well knowing your property investment is not only earning money but increasing your value too. While the older generations prefer to invest in shop lots or commercial developments, the younger generation opts for residential property, especially condominiums or apartments like the Casa Tropicana. Here are some of the reasons why investors prefer to invest in properties.


Property investment has the flexibility to give you control your investment with small amount of money that you can borrow money easily from a bank by using property you are going to purchase as collateral. It may be difficult to borrow money for starting up new business that does not have track record or proven experience of business owner. Unless you have a good business plan, most banks will not lend you money.

You may buy shares as collateral but share cannot hedge against another share effectively because the share price movements are parallel, if majority of the share markets going down, the share that you invested most likely go down. Thus, the riskiness investing in shares is high and volatile.
Property not only relatively easier to get financing yet it is also less risky if there’s rental income. For example, if you have RM10, 000 that serves as your down payment and for the remaining RM90,000 you can borrow easily from the bank. If your property is leased out and your monthly rental income is more than your monthly loan repayment, you should not be worry about. You can go here to check your affordability.

Extra income

Nobody would say no to extra money especially when you have bought the most profitable property for investment. Property with good location and obedient renter usually yield a profitable return on time for you to pay your loan and bills. You may even have extra balance for yourself after paying all of your bills.Apart from that, selling your property to earn capital gain gives a handsome extra income. Imagine the sum that you earn, you could have actually used it for your next property investment down payment and roll your wealth continuously. When the price is right, do not hesitate to let go of the property and get your moolah. But, be aware of the real property gain tax (RPGT), you may check the rates from here.

Basic necessity

Shelter is one of the basic and vital needs we need in life to protect us and our loved ones. Imagine you and your loved ones living in Casa Tropicana with beautiful scenery from the balcony, lovely isn’t it? Besides, everyone needs a home to rest and live their life and investing in a residential property to lease out for those who need to reside for work purpose or relocation purpose, you can either gain rental income or capital gain from your investment.

Hedging inflation

Today you invest in a property at this price and the following year, the value increased to a significant amount as property price does not drop drastically over a day or two. Unlike stock market, though with abundant information to help with decision making in investment but you will never know what might happen every second during the trading hours. However, property can be insured and still be in safe condition, after all, property prices movement is stable and the movement is measured in years. Besides, it is always good to use property to hedge against inflation.

Increase net worth

How do you increase your net worth? Well, by investing certain assets to increase your personal net worth; assets like property can elevate your personal net worth. You’ll be either enjoying positive capital gain or receiving rental income, refer to the earlier on gaining extra income. On the other hand, if you take up loans that spent on items that do not appreciate over time, like automobile, not only the depreciation rates are high but there are rarely with returns. The loans for residential or commercial properties that will appreciate in longer period can be labeled as good debt. Meanwhile, for cars and credit cards, those do not generate future value and it is considered as bad debts.  

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Kenapa Filem Hunter Killer Wajib Ditonton

26 October 2018

Kenapa Filem Hunter Killer Wajib Ditonton


Hai semua .. Pada hari Selasa (23 Oktober yang lalu Yana dan beberapa rakan blogger yang lain telah dijemput untuk menonton tayangan perdana filem Hunter Killer yang telah ditayangkan kelmarin pada 25 Oktober 2018 .. Filem Hunter Killer merupakan filem arahan Donovan Marsh dan dibintangi oleh Gerald Butler (Kapten Kapal Selam) dan Gary Oldman yang memegang antara watak utama dalam filem Hunter Killer .. Jom baca |Kenapa Filem Hunter Killer Wajib Ditonton ..

gambar kredit Lia Hasty

Pada awal filem nie Yana agak lost dan tak berapa nak faham apa yang sedang mereka rancangkan sehinggalah nama Hunter Killer dipetik baru Yana dapat faham .. Rupanya kapal selam Hunter Killer dihantar untuk mencari sebuah kapal selam US yang telah hilang dari radar ketika berada di perairan Rusia .. Setelah krew kapal selam Hunter Killer sampai di perairan Rusia mereka telah dapati kapal selam US (Tampa Bay) telah diserang dengan torpedo oleh kapal selam tentera Rusia (Konek) yang telah mengakibatkan semua krew kapal selam US (Tampa Bay) telah meninggal dunia dalam keadaan yang sangat menyedihkan ..

gambar sumber google

Pada masa yang sama kapal selam tentera Rusia masih lagi ada berdekatan dengan mereka .. Serangan yang sama turut dilancarkan kepada kapal selam US (Hunter Killer) namun dengan pengendalian cekap krew kapal selam Hunter Killer mereka berjaya menepis serangan tersebut dan cuba membuat serangan balas namun mereka gagal kerana kapal selam tentera Rusia (Konek) berada di atas lapisan yang membuatkan krew kapal selam Hunter Killer sukar untuk mengesan kedudukan tepat mereka .. Apa yang memeranjatkan kapal selam Rusia (Konek) turut diserang dan membuatkan mereka tumpas namun beberapa krew kapal selam mereka bersama kapten kapal berjaya untuk survive..

Manakala keadaan di darat juga agak genting bila mana berlakunya rampasan kuasa oleh Menteri Pertahanan Rusia Dmirit Durov terhadap Presiden Zakarin yang merangkap Presiden Rusia .. Rusia dan US merupakan seteru masing-masing membenci antara satu sama lain namun pasukan tentera US masih ingin menyelamatkan Presiden Zakarin demi menghalang berlakunya Perang Dunia Ketiga ..

gambar sumber google

Di dasar laut pula kerja-kerja penyelamatan juga dilakukan ketika mana mereka mendapat tahu masih ada yang bernafas di dalam kapal selam Konek milik tentera Rusia .. Kapten kapal selam Hunter Killer mengambil risiko ini atas dasar kemanusian dan dengan harapan mereka dapat membantu krew kapal selam Hunter Killer untuk memasuki perairan Rusia tanpa disedari oleh musuh ..

Berjayakah mereka memasuki perairan Rusia tanpa disedari oleh pihak musuh ? Dapatkah Perang Dunia Ketiga dielakkan ? Bagaimana nasib Presiden Zakarin? Berjayakah Dmirit Durov melancarkan Perang Dunia Ketiga ? Jom saksikan filem Hunter Killer di pawagam berdekatan dengan anda .. =)

Pengajaran daripada filem Hunter Killer :

Satu benda yang Yana berjaya belajar daripada filem ini .. Tak semua perlu dilakukan dengan kekerasan .. Pentingnya nilai persahabatan dan kerjasama antara satu sama lain demi menjayakan setiap apa yang kita nak lakukan ..

Okay itu sahaja daripada Yana kalau nak tahu pengakhiran filem ini silalah tonton di pawagam yang berdekatan anda .. Yana bagi filem nie 5 bintang sebab jalan ceritanya yang menarik dan kemas memukau Yana dan membuat Yana terkesima dengan filem Hunter Killer arahan Donovan Marsh ini .. Good job guys you have my respect =)

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Malaysia owned Company Cannis App to be listed on NASDAQ IN 2021

25 October 2018

Malaysia Owned Company Cannis App to be Listed on NASDAQ IN 2021

Cannis continuously invests in the most popular industries since early 2018, namely the technologies, films, beauty, preventive medicines, latest technology farming etc.. With the corporation with their strategic partners, Cannis have well extended their markets in many South East Asia countries rapidly, and expected to soon be listing on Nasdaq..Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Ching Eu Boon also stated during Cannis’s 3000 pax conference “The Upcoming Greatest Star in Nasdaq” that Cannis’s partnership are not limited to latest technologies, such as the digital technology, huge database, artificial intelligence, but also with filming, preventive medicines and beauty industries.

“We are very much looking forward to the strategic corporation with said industries in winning users’ entrustment and enhancing the users’ end seamless O2O experience.”App Download and Users’ Spending Set a New History-breaking Record, Cannis is born in  the best era..The third quarter of year 2018 has been the most profitable season for the App Stores. The comprehensive app download amount in said season on App Store and Google Play has exceeded more than 29 billions, 10% increment as compared to the past. While the globally consumer spending has reached nearly 20 billion US dollars, an increment of 20% in comparison to the same season in the past, both set a new historical record.

Analysing the App categories under increments of downloads,  games, entertainment and video broadcasting App have been the most downloads and are found as the factors. The strong performances of the two latter types of Apps show a general demand of market for creative contents..Overall, the third quarter of year 2018, App Store and Google Play both had historical higher downloads and consumer spendings. This fully demonstrated the market trend of an App, which continues to rise depending on the popularity of smartphone usage, providing a non-stoppable spendings and considerable development potential.

Cannis focuses on the fastest-growing industries, providing an integration platform, creates a powerful 7-in-1 function. A perfect Virtual-Reality combined O2O Mode
Cannis App not only incorporates innovative functions every month but also selectively invest huge funds on offline trending industries, hoping to connect offline customers’ overall spending flow with online databases, so as to start building the O2O model, letting the front-end marketing promotions, on- and offline member streaming efficiently, and back-end goods delivery services become smoother.

In terms of member diversion, Cannis members are applicable for both online and offline discounts, including any purchases at Cannis’s strategic partners’ retail stores. Online points can be used to make discounts, helping consumers to save money. Participating in a series of Cannis-designed competitions also allow members to win grand prizes through sharing.The Chief Operating Officer of Cannis, Mr. Mohammad Mustaqim Bin Abdullah stressed that the platform will actively carry out comprehensive layout for online and offline services, so that the physical store is no longer restricted by the size or regional restrictions of the space. Through the mode of Cannis e-commerce and preferential shopping, the merchants information can be passed through at the lowest cost to a precise targeted market, therefore maximising the advertising effectiveness.

Cannis Strategic Partners

Strategic partners present on the day include EMPRO’s Dr. Coco Alex; Producer of Da Motion Production House, Encik Along; Creative Director of (凯优影视控股有限公司), Miss Bo Bo; LongTV Sdn. Bhd.’s Mr Chis Yen; Weber PDT Cancer Treatment Health Centre’s Prof. Madaya Dr. Martin E. Roberts; CEO of (名资股份有限公司), Mr. (蔡逸群) and Dr. DNA Mr Jannings Lee.The Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic, Tan Sri Datuk Sri One Tee Keat said that Cannis has a keen sense on trend development. Through big databases analysis, they accurately learn the real needs of consumers. The rich ethnic culture in Malaysia also helps enlarging the business to the world, attracting future strategic partners. Whether in the media marketing or development strategies, their performances have been remarkable.

Cannis is the world’s first integrated app that provides consumers with this wide range of App services, live broadcasting, e-commerce, discount shoppings, social networking, short videos, games and payments, can all be found on Cannis App. Cannis is convinced that having Malaysia’s diverse ethnic groups and culture as the starting point, it is easier to expand Cannis from South East Asia to the rest of the world.

For more information, please visit http://cannis.app.
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Lexis Suites Penang-Hot Wok Seafood Buffet Dinner

22 October 2018

Lexis Suites Penang-Hot Wok Seafood Buffet Dinner


Haii semua.. Bila Yana cakap mengenai Lexis Suites Penang ianya bukanlah satu nama asing lagi kan.. Lexis Suites Penang lebih dikenali dengan hotel yang ada dipping pool dalam bilik dan sering menjadi tarikan pelancong sama ada dari Pulau Pinang mahupun orang luar.. Hari nie Yana bukan nak cakap mengenai bilik Lexis Suites Penang tapi Yana nak sembang-sembang mengenai |Lexis Suites Penang-Hot Wok Seafood Buffet Dinner.. Jom baca =)

Hot Wok Seafood Buffet Dinner bermula pada jam 6.30 petang sehingga jam 10 malam pada setiap hari Sabtu.. Kesemua makanan laut yang disajikan memang segar yang diperolehi oleh nelayan di kawasan yang berdekatan dan ada sesetengah diimport dari Laut China Selatan.. Chef Eksekutif, Chef Johno Fong berkata, pengunjung boleh memilih daripada pelbagai jenis makanan laut yang disajikan di atas ais seperti yabbies, kerang, udang,sotong dan pelbagai pagi makanan laut yang menyelerakan.. Jom tengok antara menu yang dihidangkan untuk Hot Wok Buffet Dinner..

Salad Bar

Assorted lettuce and condiment, 6 type dressing, pasta salad, seafood salad,potato salad,thai egg salad,cold platter (terrine,beef salmi,chicken ham) ,smoked duck platter,assorted maki,sashimi corner,jeruk-jeruk 

On Ice Box 

Yabbies, mussels,prawn,scallop,octopus,clams,and squid 


Prawn Bisque, herbal black chicken broth, bread roll and butter

Hot Dishes

Herb crusted oyster, motoyaki scallop, fish papillote,pasta vangole 

Yellow curry prawn, wok fried green leaf with salted fish, braised tofu with seafood and leek, stir fried beef with black pepper

Sambal lala clam,steamed mussel thai seasoning,tomato rice with seafood, steamed white rice

Action Stall

Arabian Delight
Shawarma with condiment

European Smoked Duck

Hot sear sliced smoked duck breast with compote and creamy vegetable stew

Noodle Stall

Fragrant prawn mee & char koey teow

Local Street Delight

Rojak buah, malay style fried pastry

Japanese Delight

Oden clay pot & salmon fish head claypot

Carving Corner

Salmon wellington with condiment


Ice kacang with condiment, chocolate fountain,cream caramel,french pastry 4 types,floating island,assorted mousse in glass,hot chocolate puding,bubur kacang hijau & seasonal fresh fruits


Okay sekian sahaja daripada Yana mengenai Lexis Suites Penang-Hot Wok Seafood Buffet Dinner .. Harga Hot Wok Seafood Buffet Dinner RM110nett untuk dewasa , RM80nett untuk warga emas dan RM60nett untuk kanak-kanak..

untuk info lanjut anda boleh layari laman sesawang di bawah :

Instagram : lexissuites 
No Telefon : 604-6282888
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Serum Wajah Zulqaas Phytonutrients Serum Halal dan Diperakui Oleh Pakar Kecantikkan

20 October 2018

Serum Wajah Zulqaas Phytonutrients Serum Halal dan Diperakui Oleh Pakar Kecantikkan


Hai semua .. Sebagaimana yang kita sedia maklum wanita dan kecantikkan memang tidak dapat dipisahkan .. Ada pelbagai langkah untuk merawat kulit wajah kita .. Antaranya dengan penggunaan serum .. Jom baca │Serum Wajah Zulqaas Phytonutrients Serum Halal dan Diperakui Oleh Pakar Kecantikkan..

Haa Yana nak tanya anda tahu tak apa maksud serum muka dan apa fungsinya ? Okay , kalau nak tahu serum muka merupakan satu produk yang bertindak untuk merawat kulit wajah dari bahagian luar hinggalah bahagian dalam kulit wajah .. Anda wajib tahu bahawa setiap produk muka mempunyai fungsinya yang tertentu .. Serum muka agak berbeza dengan produk muka yang lain kerana kandungannnya agak pekat jika dibandingkan dengan krim muka ataupun losyen ..

Okay sebelum Yana teruskan perkongsian Yana mengenai Serum Muka Zulqaas nie terlebih dahulu Yana nak memperkenalkan siapa pengasas Serum Muka Zulqaas nie .. Doktor As Zulqa , beliau berkelulusan PhD dalam Halal Kosmetik Industri dari salah sebuah universiti tempatan di Malaysia.. Beliau telah mengasaskan produk serum muka yang berasaslan 10 ekstrak tumbuh-tmbuhan semulajadi di bawah syarikat WNA EMPIRE VENTURES (SSM registered SA0407520-T) .. Produk Dr As Zulqa dikenali sebagai ZULQAAS Phytonutrients Serum dan telah mendapat notifikasi dari KKM dengan NOT180503209K ..

Bila kita bercakap mengenai produk penjagaan muka nie memang ramai yang tak berani nak cuba produk yang lain sebab takut akan ada masalah kepada kulit wajah kita kan ? Tapi dengan Serum Muka Zulqaas in shaa allah diyakini selamat sebab bahan-bahan yang digunakan 100% daripada bahan semulajadi .. Yana sendiri dah cuba serum muka nie sebab tu Yana berani nak rekemen Serum Muka Zulqaas nie kepada anda semua khususnya pembaca blog Yana =)

Phytonutrients bermaksud tumbuh-tumbuhan .. Jadi Phytonutrients Serum membawa maksud serum yang diperbuat daripada nutrien tumbuh-tumbuhan .. Zulqaas Phytonutrients mengandungi 10 ekstrak tumbuh-tumbuhan yang memberikan pelbagai nutrien dan vitamin kepada kulit kita .. Bahan-bahan aktif ini berfungsi memberi 'makanan' dan merangsang pertumbuhan sel kulit baru dan menyihatkan kulit muka dan seterusnya mencantikkan kulit muka kita ..

10 ekstrak tumbuh-tumbuhan yang sangat hebat dengan fungsi :

  • Anti-oksida
  • Anti-radikal
  • Anti-radang
  • Anti-tyrosinase (membantutkan enzim yang menyebabkan kulit kusam)

10 Manfaat Ekstrak Tumbuh-Tumbuhan :

  1. Ekstrak Chia Seed merupakan antara ekstrak yang unik dan agak rare.. Zulqaas pertama di Asia Tenggara menggunakan Chia Seed untuk menampakkan melembabkan dan mencerahkan .. Chia Seed adalah superfood dan bila ia digunakan pada kulit wajah ia akan menjadi supernutrients yang mengandungi nutrients omega 3 , fiber,  iron dan kalsium.. 
  2. Licorie Root ekstrak yang membantu mencerahkan kulit wajah, mengatasi masalah kulit kusam, tona kulit tidak sekata dan jeragat nipis.. 
  3. Morus Alba ekstrak juga menpunyai fungsi yang hampir sama dengan Licorie Root.. 
  4. Roseship Oil mengandungi nutrient fatty acid, vitamin A,C dan E yang membantu mengatasi mengatasi masalah kulit kusam.. 
  5. Tea Tree ekstrak yang berupaya mengatasi masalah jerawat.. 
  6. Rosemary ekstrak yang kaya dengan nutrient antioksida dan vitamin yang membantu merawat jerawat dan menghalang sebarang jangkitan pada kulit teruatamanya pada kulit sensitif.. 
  7. Chamomile ekstrak yang sangat bagus untuk mengurangkan radang kulit sensitif..
  8. Centella Asiatica atau lebih dikenali dengan ekstrak pegaga yang kaya dengan nutrient asid amino, fatty acid dan beta carotene untuk mengurangkan radang kulit sensitif dan pertumbuhan kulit baru.. 
  9. Chinese Skullcap ekstrak yang mengandungi nutrien Baicalin yang boleh melambatkan proses penuaan dan sangay sesuai untuk awet muda..
  10. Japanese Knotweed ekstrak yang mengandungi nutrient resveratol yang berupaya melawan radikal bebas penyebab kulit berkedut dan cepat tua.. Ekstrak ini sangat elok untuk awet muda dan anti-aging..

Haa , kalau anda semua nak tahu pemilihan bahan-bahan adalah sangat 'strict' untuk memastikan ianya selamat untuk digunakan dalam tempoh jangka masa yang panjang ..

  • Tanpa Paraben
  • Tanpa Silikon
  • Tanpa Alkohol
  • Tanpa Pewarna Sintetik
  • Tanpa Mineral Oil
  • Tanpa Bahan daripada Haiwan
Serum Muka Zulqaas Phytonutrients nie juga boleh digunakan sebagai primer sebelum kita nak menggunakan make up ..

Okay sebelum Yana nak apply dekat muka Yana , Yana akan picit serum Wajah Zulqaas Phytonutrients di tangan Yana terlebih dahulu sebab bagi Yana cara nie lebih senang .. Hehehe .. Yana suka erum Wajah Zulqaas Phytonutrients sebab lepas Yana apply dekat muka , muka Yana akan terasa lebih segar dan lembut .. Sekiranya digunakan sebelum bersolek nanti make up akan nampak lebih smooth ..

Antara masalah yang boleh diatasi dengan Serum Wajah Zulqaas Phytonutrients :

  • kulit kusam
  • tona kulit tidak sekata
  • kedutan halus
  • kulit kering
  • masalah kulit sensitif
  • liang pori besar
Jom kita tengok beberapa testimoni Serum Wajah Zulqaas Phytonutrients ..

Okay sekian sahaja perkongsian Yana mengenai Serum Muka Phytonutrients daripada Zulqaas nie.. Sekiranya anda mencari serum muka yang halal dan diyakini selamat untuk digunakan dalam tempoh jangka masa yang panjang Serum Wajah Phytonutrients ini merupakan jawapannya.. 

Untuk info lanjut anda boleh layari laman sesawang dan media sosial Zulqaas :





IG Official : 

IG testimonial : 

Youtube : 
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