Illuminate your life with ZTE Blade V7 Lite!

Illuminate your life with ZTE Blade V7 Lite !

Hye guys . Are you looking for a new smartphone for yourself or for someone special ?? Worry no more! I'm here to help you. A brand new smartphone, ZTE Blade V7 Lite is what you need! What's so special about this phone ? Well, let me tell you all about ZTE Blade V7 Lite .

1st thing 1st , for giiirls I'm pretty sure you would love this , ZTE Blade V7 Lite is equipped with 8mp secondary camera that would definitely gives the best results ! So, for those selfie lovers out there you can take as much as selfie you want and still get the best shot! Nonetheless, what a phone without a proper space for that lovely pictures! ZTE Blade V7 Lite comes with a 16 GB internal space with TWO Sim card slots and you can include microSD card up to 128 GB! AWESOME!

Other extra features include fingerprint sensor (that would definitely keep those nosey people away), accelerometer, Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow) and more! It is available in silver colour that will definitely gives you that sophisticated looks

ZTE Blade V7 Lite is worth your money. So, worry no more~ ! Don't wait any longer, grab your chance now! 

Just click the link below and experience the wonder!

This post is an entry for the InvolveAsia x Lazada MY blogger contest. ZTE Blade V7 Lite and Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Malaysia and shopcoupons.


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  4. dok cuci mata gak..tgk hrga pun nmpk ok..huhu


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