What is PDCA ?

Hi fellas . As  I've promised in my previous entry which is HORENSO , I'll tell you what is PDCA ?
First of all , let me tell you what is PDCA stand for .
P = Plan D= Do C=Check A=Act

Job Cycle (Your PDCA )


  1. Think "How I Can Do" , not "Why I Can't Do."
  2. Set the dateline earlier than instructed .
  3. Always think about optional measures .
  4. Don't hesitate to get assistance .
  5. Imaging the outcome when planning .
  6. Don't thinnk "PERFECT" !! There should be better way .
  7. Set your own objective , except company goal .
Well , these are what PDCA about . Why do I share HORENSO & PDCA concept with all of you ?
Some of may work with private company , goverment or self-employee . No matter who you are . With who you are working , these concept may help you to be a better & wise staff in order to report , to overcome , to predict what  will happen in future if we didn't study about the problems . Besides that , to tackle the problem is quite important if you want to settle all the problems wisely and smoothly .

I've learnt HORENSO & PDCA concept while attend a course that has been asked by my boss . For your info , this course wasnt for me . My superrior , or my office officer should've attend this course . Maybe my boss was nominated my name wronngly . Haha . I'm so lucky because I am accidently has been choose to attend this course . If my boss didn't nominated my name wrongly , for sure I am not here to write this entry and share to you what is HORENSO , and how to practice PDCA in our daily work .

* errr . Mr Tadao Yuasa , if you accidently read this entry , I would like to appologise you because I took your handsome picture without your permission =P


  1. haipp apa main cecuri gambaq dya nih.. nanti mr. korea tu kenan terus ajak naik pelamin tataw..:p

    1. Hahaha . HUSNA ZAHIDI , takpa . Ensem . Yana sudi ja . Kekeke . Tpi tuaa sikit . Kekeke

  2. OMG, tokwan nie ngaji darjah 2 ja, tak paham :(

  3. @Dunia Zumal haha . sapa yg ngaji smpai darjah dua ? Mr Tadao nie ka ?


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